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Usman Bey

Usman BEY (real name Usman Rehman Awan) is an International Vocalist, Charity Fundraiser and an active TV Broadcaster whose been on air since 2007. 

Usman BEY first became known in 2008 after releasing his first ever Nasheed which was an international release ‘Duniya te aya’, a beautiful classic kalam with a New modern composition. In 2009 Usman BEY released his first Arabic English Nasheed ‘Takbeer’. This was the First release that Usman BEY had wrote himself. “I was actually living through the most difficult period in my life and it was a bus stop, on my way to my Mothers house when the Composition started playing up in my head”.

A couple years later, Usman BEY (then Usman Rehman) was approached by Young Archie, an established player in the UK Music Industry and owner of the New record Label ‘Boiler Room Records’. A deal was mutually put in place and the rest was History. Usman BEY vocals caught the attention of many in the top tier of the industry including the maestro Rishi Rich who wanted to have a sit down and a discussion on potential future collaborations with Boiler Room and Usman BEY. It was at this initial meeting where Usman BEY mentioned how he’d always wanted to do a modern take on an Old School Noor Jahan classic ‘Jadon Holi Jai’ but with a Male Vocal, something that hadn’t been done prior to this. The track hit the Music industry like a blitz and smashed many records at home and worldwide. In one of his later interviews, Rishi Rich 

Went on to admit that Jadon Holi Jai was actually one of his most favourite productions and reminded him of the very early days with ‘na tere jeya hor disda’. 

With the dust not yet having settled from the success of Jadon Holi Jai, Usman BEY one afternoon receives a phone call from Young Archie asking how he would feel shooting his 2nd single.. get ready for it… in HOLLYWOOD! Wow! Usman BEY said “I wasn’t ready. I honestly thought he’s having a laugh with me as there was continuous banter in the Boiler Room Camp, but this was something else. This was a New Career goal. We got to shoot in major Hollywood movie locations where classics were filmed i.e. Terminator, Gone in 60 seconds, transformers, Oceans 11 aswell as hit music videos such as Beyonce and many other mainstream artists.

After the success of Majajan and other releases under ‘Boiler Room Records’ Usman BEY decided it was time to maybe experiment on his own and explore his vocal versatility in different genres. It worked a treat. A new Ballard called “Vakhriya Raava” was born. This however did later become the last mainstream release of (then) Usman Rehman’s music career. He then turned back to his origins, nasheeds and sufi music.

Usman BEY is also widely regarded as one of the most prominent Fundraising faces across your TV screens. Touching Hearts of the Millions who have tuned in over the years and Alhamdulillah still going strong, Usman BEY has said on live Television on multiple occasions “May Allaah azzawajal take my last breath.. doing this work..”. This is not based on any egoism, rather due to the passion Usman BEY has for the beautiful Deen and like Usman BEY always says “investing in those who are close to Allaah”. May Allaah azzawajal accept Usman BEYs efforts and all our hardwork, not for thanks or for jannah, but rather for the pleasure of Allaah.